Thursday, 16 October 2014

Wedding Decorations

Many thanks to all the people who took photographs at my wedding (most notably luthaisea and vollsanger) - going back to work after our staycation honeymoon many people asked me if I had any photographs... to which I responded in a baffled tone "No... I didn't take any... I was a bit busy"

The entrance to church - with my mammy waiting for me

Anyway, so on to the decorations.

The way in
The way out
Outside the church we had some hessian bunting which I made myself - it was super quick and easy to do, just stencilled letters and white acrylic paint - couldn't have been easier. I made it so they said our christian names on the way in, and then Mr & Mrs on the way out - super cute, almost vomit worthy, but if there's one day I can get away with twee decorations it's my wedding day right?

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Two Tiny Dresses

So, before I throw you fully into wedding madness, something else FAR MORE IMPORTANT happened in September. My godsister had a baby girl! This was awesome for many reasons, including it being her first child - and she is utterly gorgeous! My godsister lives way out in crete, so I can't go and meet the little darling, but I could send her some presents.

Please excuse the creepy model in these pictures, it's a doll I'm fixing which my niece broke, and was a convenient model to use.

I decided to whip up a couple of little peasant dresses, just like I made for my cousin's baby girl. The first of the dresses I made absolutely true to the pattern - although I lined it, as I made it out of broderie anglaise. I used the same lining technique as I did on my maxi dress (although obviously much MUCH smaller) and also lined the adorable matching bloomers.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014



This is me entering the church with my big brother and
one of my super efficient bridesmaid's (Photo copyright
I haven't posted in FOREVER. I got wrapped in up moving house and getting married and doing all sorts of important things like that - so I have some posts photographed but not yet written, that you shall get to see soon, and hopefully pictures of my new house as it shapes up nicely (the kitchen has gone from HORRIFIC to AWESOME)

Obviously, I will be doing full blog posts regarding each intricate detail of the wedding - I made 4 bridesmaids dresses, my own dress, designed my bouquets (which my bridesmaids, God love them, made the night before the wedding, whilst I was sat up hemming my wedding dress...), and a bunch of the decorations... plus a LOT of jelly, but I don't think there are photographs of that!

This is me and Mr P, making our vows with
my big brother and his best friend, oh and
the back of Luthaisea's head with a very
pretty hair clip (Photo copyright my cousin)
In the mean time, I've filched some pictures that friends have put up on social media sites, so I'll share you some loveliness from the day.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Petticoat Tutorial

EXCITING TIMES… you get a bit of a ‘wedding preview’ today… or rather, you get a peek up some wedding skirts – scandalous I know! I made petticoats for myself and my adult bridesmaids, and they were actually SUPRISINGLY EASY TO MAKE – so I thought I’d share how I did it.
What you will need for this tutorial:

  • Sewing machine
  • Lining fabric
  • Tulle ribbon
  • Gathering foot (technically, yes this is optional, but trust me, you don’t want to do this without a gathering foot… you really don’t)
  • Overlocker (genuinely optional – I used it, you could just use a zigzag stitch wherever I’ve overlocked) (Also this is a Serger to anyone who is speaking american... just to confuse you)

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Rohan Skater Shorts

Please excuse the rubbish last
minute photos taken on my bed
So, I promised to talk about shorts - and shorts I will discuss! I actually made two pairs of these, one in a size 6, and one in a size 2 (that’s boys sizes btw) but I only have pictures of the size 6 - so apologies for that, if I get pictures of the other pair, I’ll put them up at a later date!

I knew I had to make something for my nephew and my godson, as I’d already made not one but two<link> outfits for my niece, and my goddaughters are getting new clothes for the wedding - so I figured it was the turn of the boys. I’m not ultra familiar with sewing boys clothes, but my nephew had gotten a skateboard for christmas, so I thought a pair of the Rohan Skater Shorts by the crafty kitty would be perfect!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Failure on the First: BLOG FAILURE

Handmade shorts for
my nephew
So, this month's failure on the first is on the second. THAT'S THE FIRST FAILURE. The second is that I haven't updated in like, 2 weeks. I'm really sorry guys! 

Totally easy to make petticoat
And this isn't even a real blog post. I can tell you what I've got coming up though - I've made these cute shorts for my nephew, they're way too big for him, but I'm pretty proud of that. I'll do a full blog and pattern review shortly (heh, no pun intended!)

I've prepped a tutorial for making petticoats that look like this! Cute huh? And they're really easy to make as well, make sure you stick around to check that out.

Chocolate bajillionaire
I made some blueberry muffins and some apple muffins. They are TASTY. And I totally managed to sew in an invisible zip. This is ACHIEVEMENT OF THE GREATEST KIND I also managed to make chocolate millionaire flapjack which was DAIRY FREE, which is quite impressive, as I had to condense the soya milk myself in order to make the caramel. And then I added hundreds and thousands, which made it chocolate bajillionaire flapjack by my standards!

Muffins are tasty, and
contain fruit, so they must
be healthy too
Works in progress include a couple of cute little baby outfits for my friend who is expecting a little girl in September, a rag rug which is going swimmingly and using up ALL MY SCRAPS, it's the ultimate scrap busting project. Work on my dress is going well and still top secret, the two adult bridesmaids dresses are finally finished, and I've started on the kid's dresses.
This was my rag rug a few
weeks ago, it's much more
huge now!

Hopefully, Mr P and I will be moving house shortly, so I shall have some HOMEMAKING posts to update you guys on - it's still a rental, so my hands will be tied with regards to a lot of things, but I'm excited, and I've already got loads of plans!

So yeah, failure on the first, is failing to be on the first... or even for the past two weeks. I solemnly swear I shall endeavour to do better (and show you cute baby clothes!)


Thursday, 17 July 2014


So, when I saw that Sewcialists had made July be oonabaloona month I just KNEW I had to take part. Seriously. I have MAD SEWING LOVE for Oonaballoona (creepy stalker like sewing love if we’re going to be specific about it) – so I decided to take part… the challenge being to sew something Oona-inspired… and immediately, I hit a bump in the road… and by bump, I mean mountain…
I am not Oona. I mean, that’s obvious, but I’m about as FAR from being Oona as it is possible to be and still sew. Oona sews in bright colours and clashing prints ALL THE TIME… I prefer muted plain fabrics (because I’m boring snoring, and prints scare me). Oona sews FASHIONABLE clothes that are ON TREND (no really, she even made hareem pants), I sew clothes that look like I should live in the 1950’s (no really, I wish I did). Oona adds thigh high slits to show off her AMAZING LEGS, one of my sewing goals is to update my wardrobe to be more modest… Oona is tall and skinny and gorgeous (I MEAN SHE’S AN ACTRESS PEOPLE) – I am short, and curvy. Oona is SO AMERICAN, I mean, COME ON, she uses the word ‘y’all’ – I AM SO QUINTESETIALLY ENGLISH I WROTE A POST ABOUT SCONES (remember, rhymes with gone, unless you’re in Scotland/are the queen)…
As you can see – me, sewing something Oona-inspired? So not going to happen.

Look! I took a photo of me... by some
steps... to be JUST LIKE OONA
But then I remembered something, something that had been floating in my mind for a while, something that was ON TREND, something that would require BRIGHT COLOURS and a BOLD PRINT, something that would be GLAMAROUS… something that might, just MIGHT, be worthy of being part of an OONAPALOOZA

So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… THE OONA MAXI!
I even… in honour of Oona, have posted PICTURES OF MYSELF WEARING THIS DRESS, rather than the usual mannequin pictures (which will undoubtedly return next week!)

Pics to show the back of the dress...
it's the same as the front
I’ve wanted a Maxi dress for a while, but I’m not really the right shape for an off-the-shelf maxi – for starters, I’m pretty short, so they’d always be too long, and more importantly, maxi dresses all seem to be strapless, or have spaghetti straps, or a plunging neckline… Now, I don’t mean to be graphic here, but I am of a bust size that means that not wearing a bra is NOT AN OPTION… So I needed a maxi that would work to those specifications.

I decided the simplest thing to do, would be to make a peasant style dress – with elastic under the bust. I know peasant style dresses suit me (even if they do accentuate my ‘mumsy’ figure) – and more importantly, they’re super quick and easy to make! And I had a pattern that I could totally cannibalize to turn into it (which just meant I had to lengthen it really)

Didn't have a new york style street to
photograph in... so went to the park
The only thing I don’t like about this, is it’s not QUITE as long as I’d hoped, it looks awesome with heels, but not so great with flats. However, if it was much longer I’d be tripping over it all the time! So perhaps it’s a good thing. It took me a couple of hours to make (in between cooking and chatting), I decided to make it on Saturday evening, and then wore it to church on Sunday morning! That’s what counts as a sewing win. It’s super comfy, it feels like wearing a nighty, but it’s appropriate outdoor wear! Maxi dresses are the future! I may be on the hunt for more cool fabric to make a few!
Oh, and cost wise? This cost less than £5 to make and I still have a meter or so of the fabric left (although not of the lining) – admittedly, I did buy it from the £1 p/m section in my local fabric shop – but it’s awesome fabric! So it totally works!.
Complete win! £5 and a couple of hours effort and I get a new glamourous, OONA INSPIRED dress.
Thanks Oona!


I might not be oona-style elegant - but I'm thinking I don't look dreadful in this maxi!